About Forrest Media,

Forrest Media is recognised as the market leader in Scotland and the North of England for Giant Premium Digital ‘Out of Home’ and Backlights.

Our entire media portfolio makes us the largest private owner of freehold advertising sites in the UK. With 90%+ of the Forrest sites owned by the company, giving us a unique focus and drive to fully develop and invest in locations, to create the perfect platform for advertisers.

We launched the UK’s first commercial digital roadside screen* in Glasgow 2003 pioneering our large format digital roadside and CityScreens™, and becoming hugely influential in the general development of the UK digital out-of- home market.

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Devising the digital ‘loop’ which established the trading format across the industry and the digital day-part advertising, enabling brands to target specific audiences and demographic groups within the most appropriate timeframe.

With people spending more time outdoors, it is clear that “out of home” advertising is becoming more relevant and Forrest is committed to continued premium investment, bringing the best possible outdoor platforms to the marketplace.  With a strong customer focus and an unparalleled knowledge of our market, we take huge pride in offering outstanding quality, a personal service and attention to detail in everything we do.

*outside of the Piccadilly Lights


The CityScreen,

Forrest pioneered large format digital roadside advertising  in 2003 with the launch of the first Glasgow CityScreen ™, this screen represented the UK’s first commercially available large screen outside of the Piccadilly Circus.

We now operate a network of giant roadside screens across Scotland and the north of England. Our CityScreen network has been hugely influential in the development of UK large format digital OOH and many of our competitors have adopted our 1 in 6 “Share of Voice” 60 second loop.

Every Forrest CityScreen has a dedicated webcam enabling us and our customers to monitor their campaigns in real time which can be accessed below.

Please find the technical specification for the screens here.

The Figures don’t lie,

A new study released today from Outsmart, the marketing body for Out of Home (OOH), reveals that OOH activity drives +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions.

‘OutPerform’ is its first major study since opening doors in September 2015. Outsmart joined forces with leading market researchers, Ipsos and OOH industry measurement body, Route, to explore how the medium performs in today’s connected world, especially with the proliferation of the smartphone. The groundbreaking study, believed to be the biggest of its kind, investigated how public journeys can become personal stories among 16-44 year olds in the UK.


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